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My Europe Film Festival is ready to launch its 2017 Call for Entries. Citizens of Europe invite you to apply and participate  in this short film contest, which brings screenings to several cities and countries, during the period 15th December 2017 – 15th December 2018.

The concept of “Europe” goes far beyond its geographical connotation. When thinking about Europe, we have to take in consideration a wide range of points of view, representations and opinions in order to understand what the concept conveys. With this in mind, Citizens of Europe created “My Europe” Film Festival to display, every year, different representations of Europe. Moreover, we intend to raise awareness for the short film production independently from their country of origin.

We encourage filmmakers and organisations to participate in the eighth edition of My Europe Film Festival. Citizens of Europe is glad to see and to hear your impressions about Europe, as well as to create a common space for discussion about what it means and implies.

Before the deadline on November 1st, 2017:

• If you are a filmmaker, please read the regulations here and fill in the application form here 


•  If you are an organisation and are interested in becoming a partner, please go to become a partner section of the website to see the rules, contact info and apply.


More details about the festival you can find at Citizens of Europe web page.

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