I. General rules 


1. Submission of a film is no guarantee for selection. The preselection committee decides on the arrangement of the competition programme.

2. For preselection purposes films should be submitted on DVD or video link. Video link is preferred. (Vimeo/You tube/We Transfer etc.) All submitted films must be adequately identified and be marked with title, name of director, running length, projection format (16:9; 4:3) and references to sound. For all submitted films we require English subtitles, if the film itself is not in English. Length of the film should be between 2 and 30 minutes.

3. All shipping costs as well as any charges peripheral to shipping i.e. customs duty and/or clearance etc. shall be covered by the sender.

4. The film applicant agrees that the preselection DVD´s remains in the archives of „My Europe Film Festival” and can be used for internal documentation.

5. The applicant authorizes “My Europe Film Festival” to pass on excerpts (max. 2 min) of the film to TV-stations, radio, press and internet without asking for explicit approval for the purpose of making reports as the reports bear the character of the quotation.

6. The applicant provides the festival with promotional material for the catalog. In digital format:

- Short synopsis of the film

- Director´s biography and filmography

- Photo of the director

- 3 film stills

- If available, film trailer.

 II. Declaration
  1. Submission implies acceptance of the Rules and Regulations mentioned above. The applicant has made sure that third parties involved in the production of the film agree to the submission.

  1. The undersigned declares to be empowered to submit a copy of the film to the “My Europe Film Festival.

  1. The undersigned allows for free-of-charge use of the film for screenings authorized by the „My Europe Film Festival”during the time interval between 15.December 2017 and 15.December 2018.

  1. The undersigned agrees to recognize and accept all the regulations of the competition programme.

  2. Changes and amendments to this declaration have to be made in writing between the two parties involved.




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